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Luis Rodriguez Aka Young Lil Joker 

Luis Rodriguez Alvarado (born December 30 1994) better known by his stage name Young Lil Joker is a Mexican Artists . Born in Charcas San Luis potosi, he grew up in San Diego California Young Lil Joker is a upcoming Artists From San Diego California Trying to make it to the top who being doing since he was 18 , he Writes About Anything On What Comes From The Heart. Been Doing This Since 2011 But Stopped In The Year 2012 But Picked It Back Up In The Year Of 2013. Music Is One Way To Release Any Typical Stress That I Have Within Me. The Majority Of My Songs Are Related To Relationships That I Went Threw, Falling In Love And Just Anything That A Teen Went Threw While Growing Up. Hope You Guys Like What You Hear And New SONGS ARE STILL TO COME SO STAY TUNED!! Thank You For Your Support EVERYONE!!! Much Love TO ALL OF YOU! In 2012, Young Lil Joker make his own record call Young Joker Productions He is trying to make his Dream come True I want your support me with my music Thanks to everybody

During his career as an artists, Young Lil Joker has crated His Own record called Young Joker Productions he is trying to make it to the top

Here is little bit about My name is Luis Rodriguez Alvarado but my friends call me Young Lil Joker and you may think why that name will it came from my best Friend Ese King Joker I am trying to make my dream come true Because I listen to All Chicano rapper music as El Dreamer,Mr.capone-e,Mr.criminal,Lil Rob,Mr.Sancho,Mc Magic,Chuco Chuck Taylor,Dyablo.

Real Name : Luis Rodriguez alvarado

Nickname: Young Lil Joker

Born : December 30 1994

Birth Place :Charcas San Luis potosi, Mexico

grew up in San Diego California

signed to Young Joker Productions